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We Were Liars

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Spending the summers on her family's private island off the coast of Massachusetts with her cousins and a special boy named Gat, teenaged Cadence struggles to remember what happened during her fifteenth summer.
First Edition
Delacorte Press
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Anahtar ifadeler

V v gd.....i v enjoyed reading it????
15 August 2020 (07:42) 
An amazing book. A shocking plot twist is an understatement.
26 August 2020 (14:26) 
I love the book so much!!!! The plot twist really caught me off guard!
26 August 2020 (17:26) 
This was, without a doubt, one of the most powerful and well-crafted books I have read in a really long time.
09 September 2020 (08:47) 
I am not able to read it...why thoo
20 October 2020 (07:47) 
Wow, a brilliant book that I never in a million years saw the ending left my mind blown and a little messed up for a few days. Definitely worth a read
01 November 2020 (02:37) 
Nangis 07
I loved this book I cried ugly tears I really hope there will be a second part I was so heart broken when I finished it it's one of those books u can't describe but feel. PS I never cried.
05 November 2020 (10:10) 
this was a good book, i felt so empty at the end. i hated the main character so much tho.
15 November 2020 (15:46) 
just finished the book. i was so blown away by the plot twist! will indeed hold this book by heart.
21 November 2020 (05:18) 
hailee morris
This book gave me chills to the very last page, read it in one sitting and have fallen in love with E. Lockharts books! Definite recommendation.
28 November 2020 (02:38) 
Nice book very nice
06 December 2020 (12:22) 
Looks all sweet at the start then gets creepy at the end. However I thoroughly enjoyed it and read it in one go.
14 December 2020 (17:51) 
This book is obviously not for people who don't follow instructions ( like myself)?? I had to re-read with zero assumptions .I love the style of writing ,the flow and twists now that I understand it
17 December 2020 (23:44) 
Wowwww. This book made my Christmas holiday perfect. Best book for ending the year.
30 December 2020 (23:50) 
I loved this book. Amazing plot twist. This was the first book which made me cry.
02 January 2021 (21:02) 
One of the most exciting books I read in a while. The ending made me really sad. I loved the foreshadowing she would sneak in! And the fairytale stories! I love the way she described events. I didn’t realize she was foreshadowing until after I finished the book. Loved it!
06 January 2021 (19:38) 
Solid 5 minutes after closing this book, I stared into nothing and questioned everything
10 January 2021 (17:35) 
Holy Crap.. this was a amazing book I cried forever after reading
13 January 2021 (04:23) 
let me just say get ready to cry
14 January 2021 (22:00) 
Amazing.5/5. This book broke me. The author brings you to trust and fall in love with the characters. And then ruins it all in the end. The ending was so unpredictable. I am still left with many questions unanswered. Everyone should read this book.
16 January 2021 (19:31) 
Chan Li
Amazing read; that twist at the end...!!!
17 January 2021 (05:58) 
Ritika Mishra
Beautifully written. Once you start reading, you will definitely fall in love with the characters. Apart from the beautiful writing the book also ends with a shocking twist. In short it has all the elements which are neede to make it a bestseller . 10/10
17 January 2021 (10:05) 
I’m only on page 30, that part of father leaving scared me for a second, I’m scared for the plot twist because I get emotional when it comes to books and I don’t read much but this book seems like it’s going to be confusing and I like it
18 January 2021 (20:45) 
This book is not just mysterious or thrilling but it is heartbreaking and shocking. I have never cried because of a book but this book left me in tears. And not just because the main character went through such a traumatic experience that I could not even bear experiencing, but because of the aftermath of that experience. I am simply trying to say that this book is one of a kind and a must read.
20 January 2021 (18:15) 
Not gonna lie, this was the worst book I ever read.
I didn't liked it because it was way too long (some chapters were totally useless and could be removed) and I didn't understand anything. In fact, this was the book that I understood the less in my entire life (research papers excluded).
22 January 2021 (20:53) 
best book i've ever read left me questioning everything
03 February 2021 (22:34) 
Chandhini Suresh
I didn't like the book at all, don't get me wrong I didnt see the "plot twist" coming, but I didnt feel heartbroken as many of the people who read this book did. It was pretty boring till the end. Rating 2.5/5
05 February 2021 (23:34) 
It was such a good book with such a twist!!! 5/5 recommend it !
12 February 2021 (08:44) 
OMG! TALK ABOUT PLOT TWIST!!!!! ... I feel very heart broken about the end! The main character was a little unpleasant! I loved most of the characters but at the end it was just like WHAT THE HECK!
24 February 2021 (19:28) 
It was an ok book, I guessed the plot twist about half way through. It was a good premise, just a little predictable for me. 3/5
02 March 2021 (01:14) 
I really enjoyed this book. There’s definitely a split rating but I definitely cried and I loved the plot twist. Didn’t see that coming. 4/5
21 March 2021 (10:39) 
This is a book I can never stop recommending.It's so good that a part of me kind of dies everytime I see it in my library. I was a strong believer of books cannot make you cry but this one proved me wrong
21 March 2021 (21:08) 
This book had been thoroughly awful. It was good, and for those who had recommended on booktok, it was a shame to waste your breath on this book. It seemed like a bunch of white kids abou their lives with that one POC character who understands struggle. The plot twist had been foreseeable, it basically told you within the chapters if you had really looked into it. I personally wouldn’t recommend, it wasn’t sad, just a book that displayed white privilege.
24 March 2021 (10:01) 
help, i read this book and now im numb.
but it was worth it.
24 March 2021 (18:12) 
I love the fact that the ending was so shocking and surprising. never in a million years would I have ever seen this coming.
26 March 2021 (17:51) 
Such a fantastic plot twist. The author hints at it in passing if you're paying attention. Wonderful read.
29 March 2021 (00:03) 
amazing book but theeee plot twist at the end shocked me would definitely be reading it again
29 March 2021 (22:07) 
this is overall a pretty good book! I found the plot twist a little predictable, but there were some details I couldn't pick. Not exactly a must read, but still enjoyable :)
31 March 2021 (14:35) 
SUCH A BEAUTIFUL AND SAD BOOK. Everyone needs to read it!!! I finished this book in one day and extremely cried at the end of it :D
06 April 2021 (14:32) 
No words! just AMAZING, I enjoyed it like hell. LOVE IT! totally recommend it.
The plot twist was just so extraordinary and brilliant : )
07 April 2021 (15:07) 
Thrilled and haunted!!
08 April 2021 (06:25) 
Can someone tell me if its complete please??!

09 April 2021 (02:15) 
Caleigh Dean Blanton
my roommate says this is a very good book
09 April 2021 (23:42) 
Is this the complete copy?
13 April 2021 (03:19) 
Bruh this book messed me up
16 April 2021 (06:41) 
María Emilia
If you like plot twists but no character development, no bakcstory, and to be forced to cry... This is your book, enjoy it i guess
17 April 2021 (19:37) 
this was the first book i read last year that got me into reading. found it on tiktok and decided to give it a try. it was pretty good, it made me cry and i wasn't expecting that plot twist. not the best read but it was good.
18 April 2021 (16:20) 
I wasn't really feeling it all the way i just kept reading because i wanted to see the plot twist everyone was going on about but let me tell you i'm so glad i did. this book just completely broke me, like it really messed me up
18 April 2021 (22:07) 
It is that good , neither that bad , but i must say that it helped me in reaching another conclusion for "Old Man Gorio ". These two books have similar themes + less pages to read.
19 April 2021 (01:04) 
WOW! I don't even know what to say but this book left me sobbing hysterically. The ending... omg. Please read this book.
20 April 2021 (23:56) 
Beautifully written, the plot twist was truly unexpected ?
22 April 2021 (03:05) 
vanshika bothra
I'll be honest, the book seemed to be slow-moving and boring at first. But then after the first 60 pages or so, the story really seemed to get interesting. So overall, I'd say that the book was a good one-time read. The ending was tragic and a little unexpected though.
03 May 2021 (11:55) 
This is the best book i have ever read and i won't ever change my mind.I definitely recommend it.What are you even doing here go read it!!!
04 May 2021 (06:33) 
this book finished me
05 May 2021 (02:28) 

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